Inspiration behind "Concert d'un rêve lucide"

An awful ringtone. That's all it takes to ruin a beautiful concert.

It's partially Covid lockdown’s fault too, to be honest.

With orchestral rehearsals and concerts cancelled due to waves of lockdowns, it is natural that we all try to find a way to practise. Right?

But no matter how hard you practise, you would never have the same feeling as if you're playing in an orchestra.

And that, is the time when my brain decided to do something truly magical one night.

I opened my eyes, and saw musicians setting up a stage, tuning their instruments and lining up, as if we've got a concert coming up. In the blink of an eye, I had my trombone with me, and we're all on the stage performing a piece I wasn't able to identify.

For some reason, during the performance, I decided to walk up to the violin section and began playing violin, before running straight to the piano and played some tunes. I couldn't feel happier!

Suddenly, an out of tune ringtone from my phone woke me up. My goodness, that was truly one the most disappointing moments in my life: Having a dream concert interrupted by a stupid ringtone.

Luckily, I recalled some of the tunes from the dream and wrote them down onto a piece of paper. Those then formed the basis of a new music written for our virtual performance project: "Concert d'un reve lucide" (Concert from a lucid dream)

So thank you, lockdown, for the dream concert.

(And most importantly, make sure your phones are switched off before a concert!)

Sweet dreams 💤